What is hypnosis?
Hypnotherapy is psychotherapy based on the ancient art of hypnosis. It concentrates on the relationship between our conscious and unconscious minds and their connection with our quality of life.

Is hypnosis safe?
Hypnotherapy is 100% safe in every way. It is also extremely beneficial for the body and mind. Being in a state of deep relaxation improves both body and mind function and health.

Will I do anything strange or silly under hypnosis?
‘Stage hypnosis’ is poles apart from clinical hypnotherapy. TV shows have promoted some alarming misconceptions about hypnotherapy, which can be an incredibly valuable healing tool.

Can I be hypnotised?
Everyone can, in principle, be hypnotised. You’ll get a better result if you can relax, think positively, and open your mind to the things being suggested.

What does hypnosis feel like?
Hypnosis is actually natural state that we enter into many times a day. It is when your critical mind is silent and you become absorbed in something or simply daydream.

Does it work?
Yes, it does. We’ve helped plenty of people to make positive changes in their lives through hypnotherapy. Just ask us if you’re like to read some testimonials from our clients.

Can I claim on my private Health Insurance?
We are affiliated with Australia’s top health funds. Please call us to find out if your treatment will be covered. Also, private health fund rebates vary between funds and policies, so please check with your fund to discover which modalities your policy recognises, how much you may expect to receive back per treatment, and any annual limits on rebates.